Chapter 1137: Exchange

Chapter 1137: Exchange

Xiao Yan’s eyes merely paused on the copper plate for a moment before they shifted away. Immediately, his eyes swept another round over the jade platform. Along the way, he even acted as though he was interested in some other medicinal ingredients. This continued for awhile before he randomly picked up the copper plate on the jade platform in a gentle manner.

A faint coolness spread the moment the copper plate entered his hand. Of course, this was not because the copper plate was special. Instead, it was due to it had been stuck within cold air for a long period of time.

Xiao Yan flipped this copper plate with some interest. His finger gently rubbed it. The rough feeling caused it to appear just like an ordinary copper plate. If not for the somewhat complicated drawings on it, it was likely that no one would truly treat it as a treasure.

Xiao Yan was unable to understand the complicated drawings on it. Moreover, due to the presence of some copper rust, the drawings had become a little distorted. It was difficult to clearly see what it was.

“This is actually an item from the ancient times?”

Xiao Yan’s heart felt some disbelief...

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