Chapter 1136: Copper Plate

Chapter 1136: Copper Plate

The red-robed elder did not even manage to open his mouth before Xiao Yan’s figure disappeared by the stairway. Although he struggled over the price within his heart, he understood that the one who could hold out longer would gain the advantage in this transaction. All of them were experienced players when it came to attempting to play hard. It was only a matter of who could simmer until the other party could not endure any longer. That person would be the true winner…

Xiao Yan was not surprised by the red-clothed, old man’s silence. Hence, his feet did not pause. Instead, he headed to the top floor.

There were two elderly men standing at the entrance to the stairs that led to the top floor. These two people wore faces that were full of friendly smile. However, the robes on their bodies indicated that they were people from the trade fair. Neither of them wore an alchemist badge on their chest. However, from the vast and might Dou Qi that spread from them, it was obvious that these two people were strong expert Dou Zongs.

These two old men were initially startled upon seeing Xiao Yan’s group walking...

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