Chapter 1135: Blood Essence Demon Fruit

Chapter 1135: Blood Essence Demon Fruit

The Holy Pill City’s alchemist trade fair possessed a grand reputation within this region. This trade fair was not as chaotic and messy as other trade fairs. If one had to rank various trade fairs, the trade fair Xiao Yan’s group was headed to this time around could be considered a high class one. It was far different from those small trade fairs that one had been to.

The location of this trade fair was in the outer region of Holy Pill City. However, its location was not bad. It was at the intersection between the outer and inner region. It was rumored that this trade fair was supported by the Pill Tower, and was the reason why it had developed into such a grand affair. It was precisely for this reason that murdering and robbing when exchanging for things within the trade fair seldom happened. After all, no one could escape being chased by the Pill Tower within this Pill Region.

“Alchemist Trade Fair…”

Xiao Yan stood in front of a building that occupied a vast space as he looked at a pale-green, wooden plaque. The words ‘Flying Dragon Dancing Phoenix’ were written on it. He involuntarily wiped off some cold sweat. This trade fair was known by this name…

At the moment,...

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