Chapter 1134: Alchemist Trade Fair

Chapter 1134: Alchemist Trade Fair

Everyone in the examination room looked at the gray-clothed, old woman who was unable to even last for one exchange against Xiao Yan. Some cold sweat surfaced on their foreheads. Xiao Yan had attacked suddenly, and he did not hold back because of the other party’s status. He could be considered ruthless.

Han Li’s face was similarly a little stunned. He only bitterly smiled and shook his head a moment later before glancing at Xiao Yan. This fellow was not as gentle as he looked when he became ruthless.

“Deacon Han, I’m sorry to fight in this place…” Xiao Yan’s eyes indifferently glanced at the gray-clothed, old woman who had collapsed on the ground. After which, he turned his eyes to Han Li. That warm smile from earlier once again appeared on his face as he spoke apologetically.

When everyone saw this smile once again appearing on Xiao Yan’s face, no one in the room dared to threaten him as a little sheep whom they could randomly mock. This was predominantly true for those three members of the Bai clan. They took a...

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