Chapter 1132: Tier 7 Middle Grade Alchemist

Chapter 1132: Tier 7 Middle Grade Alchemist

The atmosphere within the room had become unusually quiet because Xiao Yan’s earlier sentence. Their eyes were stunned as they looked at Xiao Yan. It was a moment later before the shock disappeared and slowly transformed into scoff…

“Hee hee, Ye Zhong, since when has your members of the Ye clan started playing this kind of grand tactic? This is the testing point of the Pill Tower. It is not your Ye clan’s testing area…” The gray-clothed, old woman coldly laughed after being the first to recover.

The three young man and woman from the Bai clan by her side turned their mocking eyes to Xiao Yan after the old woman’s cold laugh rang out. It appeared as though they were watching a show. None of them believed that this little fellow, who had never come to the Pill Tower, would possess the qualification to take the test for a tier 7 middle grade alchemist badge.

Although the three people from the Qiu clan did not laugh like the Bai clan, their eyes swept across Xiao Yan with some doubt. Clearly, they also thought that this little fellow was bluffing.

“This place will not tolerate you joking around. Are you certain you wish to take the test...

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