Chapter 1131: Test

Chapter 1131: Test

The young lady was really quite young. She merely looked around eighteen or nineteen. Her delicate body was small while her pretty face appeared pale. From the looks of it, she seemed to be in a sickly state…

Of course, the thing that attracted Xiao Yan’s eyes was not this young lady’s outer appearance. Instead, it was that circular-shaped badge on her chest. He had seen this badge on the mysterious snow-white carriage when he had arrived in Holy Pill City. Hence, he understood that this badge was the clan badge of the Dan clan, one of the five great clans of the Pill Region.

“You… are you alright?”

The young lady supported herself to her feet with her hands. She timidly glanced at Xiao Yan and softly inquired.

Xiao Yan’s mind only shifted away from the badge of the Dan clan upon hearing the young lady’s voice. His eyes looked at the young lady in front of him with surprise. The horrific scene from earlier had caused his heart to pound at this moment. Earlier, he had clearly sensed an extremely strange suction force had erupted from the interior of this young lady’s body. Under the suction force, even his soul could not resist but show...

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