Chapter 113: Cave

Chapter 113: Cave

Staring at the pretty face that had abruptly appeared from the bottom of the cliff, Xiao Yan was shocked. However, he managed to quickly recover and upon a closer look realised that the lady was the Fairy Doctor from the medicinal herb gathering team.

On the cliff, the two gazes continued to stare at each other. presenting a strange scene.

“Can… can you pull me up?”

After staring at each other for a moment, the Fairy Doctor was first to break the awkward atmosphere with her somewhat gentle voice.

Xiao Yan blinked his eyes and nodded as though nothing had happened. He grabbed the small hand that the Fairy Doctor had extended and with a little strength, pulled her from below the cliff. Her fragile body presented a beautiful curve in midair as she lightly leaped onto the cliff’s edge.

“Thank you.”

Once her feet landed on the ground, the Fairy Doctor whispered her thanks as she swiftly released Xiao Yan’s hand. She covertly glanced at the edge of the cliff as her fine fingers touched the black hair on her forehead. Her gaze then swept over Xiao Yan as she...

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