Chapter 1121: Cao Clan

Chapter 1121: Cao Clan

Xiao Yan had just exited the Pill Refinement Room when he saw the Little Fairy Doctor outside. He quickly walked to her and frowned as he asked, “What has happened?”

The Little Fairy Doctor spread her hands as she glanced at the frowning Xiao Yan. She replied, “The Ye clan has encountered some trouble…”

“Trouble? There is still someone who dares to find trouble the Ye clan?” Xiao Yan’s eyes swept around him and discovered that the Ye clan’s guards, who were originally here, had already left. Clearly, the trouble this time around was not ordinary. However, the thing that caused Xiao Yan to feel a little strange was that there were very few people who dared to find trouble with the Ye clan after the big battle back then. Just who had come this time around?

“The ones who have come this time around are not an ordinary faction…” The Little Fairy Doctor appeared to understand what Xiao Yan was thinking when she glanced at him. She laughed, “Cao clan, one of the five great clans of the Pill Region.”

“Cao clan?”

Xiao Yan knit his brows. He had naturally heard of the five great clans of the Pill Region. This Cao clan was one of them. Of course, this clan could not be compared with the declining Ye clan....

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