Chapter 112: Entering the Magic Beast Mountain Range

Chapter 112: Entering the Magic Beast Mountain Range

A huge group of people were walking through the quiet forest. There were numerous pairs of alert eyes that continued to scan the dark hidden spots of the surrounding forest while hands tightly gripped the weapons at various waists, ready to handle any sudden occurrences.

As veteran mercenaries that had survived the Magic Beast Mountain Range for many years, even though many of them were cooperating with each other for the first time, they were still able to maintain a basic understanding with each other. When they briefly exchanged glances, they could recognise the signs of both safety and danger from the other party’s eyes.

The huge black sword’s heaviness and its strange ability to suppress Dou Qi caused Xiao Yan to have difficulty travelling. Each time his feet landed on the ground, it would sink into the soft soil. After travelling for a short distance in this manner, he had begun to pant and sweat.

Xiao Yan wiped the perspiration from his face and turned around to stare at the heavily guarded ‘Thousand Medicine House’ medicinal herb gathering team. After randomly sweeping his gaze over...

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