Chapter 1117: Repaying Debt

Chapter 1117: Repaying Debt

A calm voice slowly resounded over the sky. After which, it gently spread…

The dozen plus Black Submerged Army members, who were Ling Quan’s subordinates, were stunned. They had never expected Ling Quan to be this miserably defeated in Xiao Yan’s hands. They had clearly seen the lightning-like exchange earlier. Xiao Yan didn’t even use a single Dou Technique since the beginning!

In other words, Xiao Yan had relied on the Dou Qi within his body, yet not only did he block all of Ling Quan’s Dou Techniques but he had captured Ling Quan in a lighting-like fashion after only a couple of exchanges!

The shock that had been formed by this scene was considerably great to them!

“This… he is the trash of the Xiao clan that commander Ling Quan spoke of? Such strength… even among the members of the younger generation of the Gu clan, he could be ranked within the top ten!”

The dozen plus people faced each other. All of them saw a shocked expression in each other’s eyes. Xiao Yan’s simple attack had given them a great shock.

“This little fellow’s fighting experience is much greater than Ling Quan’s fighting experience. Moreover, his Dou Qi is sturdy. At one glance, one can tell that he is someone with a very strong foundation. Ling Quan’s...

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