Chapter 1116: Weak!

Chapter 1116: Weak!

The atmosphere within the courtyard stiffened at this moment. A gentle breeze blew over, but it was unable to resolve the tense atmosphere…

In front of the blood-red jade token in Ling Quan’s hands, even the two black-clothed elders did not dare do anything. This Blood Jade Token possessed an extremely powerful deterrence within the Gu clan. Even the two of them did not dare to easily ignore it.

Xiao Yan’s eyes turned to Ling Quan. Immediately, they paused on his dense face. A chill slowly surged within Xiao Yan’s dark-black eyes…

Xun Er’s eyes paused on the blood-colored jade token in Ling Quan’s hands for an instant. Her face had also become very dangerous. She did not expect this fellow to be in possession of the Blood Jade Token!

“Ling Quan, leave with me now, and I can treat it as though nothing has happened!” Xun Er inhaled a gentle breath of air. Her bright eyes stared at Ling Quan as she slowly spoke.

The corner of Ling Quan’s mouth slightly trembled. A moment later, he slowly shook his head. The more Xun Er acted like this, the greater the intensity of the killing intent in his heart was.

“Young miss, this is an order from the Elders. I have no right not to obey it!”

Xun Er’s expression gradually calmed down in the face of the words from Ling Quan. She softly said,...

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