Chapter 1113: Breakthrough

Chapter 1113: Breakthrough

The jade-green flame turned into a storm within Xiao Yan’s body with just a thought from his mind. After which, it gathered around the Demon Poison Spot. The high temperature caused the poison to wiggle continuously. Wave after wave of faint black fog spread out…

Currently, the Demon Poison Spot had already lost its qualification to act fearlessly within Xiao Yan’s body like it did in the past. Back then, it was able to completely ignore the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame. However, with the increase in Xiao Yan’s strength, the little fire seedling back then had turned into a large being!

The Demon Poison Spot appeared just like a herd of goats that had been targeted by a pack of wolves when the jade-green flame that surrounded it. It felt as though it was trembling. It was able to sense that its good days had come to an end…

Xiao Yan’s mind coldly smiled as he observed this Demon Poison Spot. Back then, this thing had tortured him until he had suffered. Now, however, it had become nourishment to raise his strength!


Xiao Yan cried out softly within his heart. Immediately, the jade-green...

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