Chapter 1112: Resolving the Demon Poison Spot

Chapter 1112: Resolving the Demon Poison Spot

Xiao Yan’s body was stiff for an instant before it was enveloped by an even denser, more lustful flame. He took the opportunity presented by Xun Er’s stiff body to force his tongue in. He was just like a bandit that was plundering wantonly.

Xun Er was similarly shocked by Xiao Yan’s boldness until her mind became much blurrier. Only after Xiao Yan had barged in did she reflexively began to struggle. However, the current her appeared exceptionally weak. Her frightening strength, where her punch could penetrate space itself, seemed to have completely disappeared at this moment.

The lustful flame burned within Xiao Yan’s chest. His roaming hand around Xun Er’s waist involuntarily climbed. A moment later, it finally touched a softness that caused one to brace one’s attention…

The soft touch was just like a spark that lit the fuse of some explosive. Xiao Yan’s hand quietly undid her green clothes, revealing her snow-like skin.

“*Cough*... young miss, the old me has something to discuss with you.”

A dry elderly cough suddenly sounded outside of the door just when Xiao...

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