Chapter 1111: Lost in Passion

Chapter 1111: Lost in Passion

Xiao Yan’s expression became increasingly more solemn upon hearing Xun Er’s words. It was indeed as Yao Lao had said. The implication of the Tou She Ancient God’s Jade was indeed too great. Dou Di, this was a form to address the ruler of this world. The value of anything even the least bit related to this name would soar!

This point was something that could be identified from just watching the Gu clan. The blood of a Dou Di flowed in the bodies of the members of the Gu clan. This had resulted in the current position of the Gu clan on the Dou Qi continent. Although no one dared call it unique, it could definitely be considered among the peak!

“Therefore, before Xiao Yan ge-ge has absolute strength, you must not expose the Tou She Ancient God’s Jade in your hands!” Xun Er’s expression was unusually grave when she spoke. The current Xiao clan had declined. Even though the ancestors of the Gu clan and the Xiao clan had an agreement, there was currently a great difference in opinion in the Gu clan regarding this matter. If this matter were exposed, it was difficult to be certain that some experts...

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