Chapter 1111: Lost in Passion

Chapter 1111: Lost in Passion

Xiao Yan’s expression became increasingly more solemn upon hearing Xun Er’s words. It was indeed as Yao Lao had said. The implication of the Tou She Ancient God’s Jade was indeed too great. Dou Di, this was a form to address the ruler of this world. The value of anything even the least bit related to this name would soar!

This point was something that could be identified from just watching the Gu clan. The blood of a Dou Di flowed in the bodies of the members of the Gu clan. This had resulted in the current position of the Gu clan on the Dou Qi continent. Although no one dared call it unique, it could definitely be considered among the peak!

“Therefore, before Xiao Yan ge-ge has absolute strength, you must not expose the Tou She Ancient God’s Jade in your hands!” Xun Er’s expression was unusually grave when she spoke. The current Xiao clan had declined. Even though the ancestors of the Gu clan and the Xiao clan had an agreement, there was currently a great difference in opinion in the Gu clan regarding this matter. If this matter were exposed, it was difficult to be certain that some experts in the Gu clan would not privately do something. At that time, Xiao Yan would be in danger.

Xiao Yan slowly nodded as he studied Xun Er’s grave expression. He softly said, “The reason the Hall of Souls captured my father is also due to this?”

Xun Er gently nodded and replied, “The Xiao clan could once be considered a top tier faction on the Dou Qi continent. At that time, the strength of the Xiao clan was something that even the Ice River Valley had difficulty comparing with…”

Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he heard her. He had never expected the Xiao clan have once been brilliant.

“Unfortunately, following the flow of time, the Xiao clan gradually declined. After which, some of the ancestors of the Xiao clan could only leave the Central Plains and finally settle down in the Jia Ma Empire…” Xun Er softly explained, “Following the decline over these generations, other than a few members of the Xiao clan, everyone else, including the younger generation, is unaware…”

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. By being able to develop the Xiao clan to that extent, it is likely that the ancestor of the Xiao clan back then was someone with extraordinary strength.

“Ke ke, that ancestor of the Xiao clan was indeed an absolutely brilliant person. Within a short few hundred years, he stood at the peak of the continent. There were only four people on the entire continent who were a match for him…” Xun Er smiled as she told Xiao Yan more. She appeared to be aware of what Xiao Yan was thinking after watching his expression.

Even though Xiao Yan was already prepared, he still could not help but feel stunned when he heard her words. There was only four people in this vast continent who could compare with him. This achievement was indeed shocking.

“It is unexpected that this ancestor possessed such an achievement…” Xiao Yan felt as though his blood was boiling by just imagining this.

“The talent of that ancestor is something that even the Gu clan greatly admires. Under his leadership, the relationship between the Xiao clan and the Gu clan were very good at that time. This alliance agreement was also formed at that time…” Xun Er smiled as she added more.

“Alliance agreement?”

“That ancestor of the Xiao clan once did the Gu clan a favor. When he was about to die, he impeached the Gu clan to take care of the Xiao clan and preserve the bloodline of the Xiao clan at any critical moments… this alliance agreement was quite effective for a short time after he died. However, with the flow of time and the Xiao clan’s disappearance from the Central Plains, this alliance agreement gradually lost its effect…” Xun Er looked at Xiao Yan and said, “One of the reason I went to the Xiao clan back then was because father wished for me to have a quiet childhood. The other is that some people in the clan wanted me to take the Xiao clan’s Tou She Ancient God’s Jade…”

Xiao Yan grinned. His smile was a little cunning and pleased, “Hee hee, however, they did not expect to not only fail to obtain the Tou She Ancient God’s Jade, they did not know they would lose an even more precious treasure…”

“What?” Xun Er was startled after hearing his words. After seeing Xiao Yan’s crafty smile, she finally understood what Xiao Yan was saying. A lovely, embarrassed color immediately flew onto her face.

“That’s right, what is the name of the ancestor of the Xiao clan?”

Xun Er’s lovely, embarrassed expression had stirred a nefarious flame within Xiao Yan’s lower abdomen. He parted his mouth slightly as he hurriedly suppressed it. He did not wish to scare off this little lady, who appeared cold and indifferent to others, but revealed lovely embarrassment in front of him.

Xun Er’s hand parted a thread of black hair in front of her. She covered her mouth and softly laughed, “Why? Are you planning to view this ancestor as an idol?”

“He is my ancestor. I am his descendant. How will it look if I don’t even know the name of his elderly self?” Xiao Yan rolled his eyes as he replied.

Xun Er slightly smiled and softly replied, “That ancestor of the Xiao clan is called Xiao Xuan…”

“Xiao Xuan?”

Xiao Yan repeated this name in his mouth before laughing, “He is indeed worthy of being an ancestor of the Xiao clan. His name is really domineering…”

Xun Er rolled her eyes at Xiao Yan. Her enchanting manner caused him to stare at her without diverting his eyes. After having not seen this girl for a couple of years, it appeared that her appeal was growing. Her frown and smile were all filled with a natural charm that was difficult to hide.

“The ancient tomb of Xiao Xuan is in the Gu Realm. However, that ancient tomb possesses a mysterious strength. Those from the Gu clan cannot enter it. Although some of those with extremely powerful strength within the Gu clan could forcefully enter it, they did not dare to randomly barge in, especially since this Xiao Xuan ultimately did the Gu clan a favor. Therefore, no one has been able to enter this ancient tomb after so many years…” Xun Er eyes wandered when she spoke until this point. She looked at Xiao Yan and voiced her thoughts, “If I have guessed correctly, it is likely that only you, a member of the Xiao clan, can enter it. If you have the opportunity to head to the Gu Realm, you might perhaps go and take a look. You could end up gaining something there…”

Xiao Yan’s expression became a lot more serious after hearing her words. He said in a solemn voice, “I will naturally have to make a trip to the tomb of an ancestor. Once I have sufficient strength in the future, I will move the tomb of the ancestor to the Xiao clan and get the descendants of the Xiao clan to worship him day and night!”

“It is likely that elder Xiao Xuan would feel very pleased if he heard your words…” Xun Er softly laughed. Immediately, she appeared to have recalled something and said, “That’s right, it is best that you do not spread the word that you are the descendant of elder Xiao Xuan. Although the Xiao clan shined brightly on the continent for a period of time back then, it had also offended some powerful factions. Some of those factions still exist even today. If they were to discover this, it is likely that they would bring you some trouble.”

“Are these factions as strong as the Ice River Valley?” Xiao Yan fondled his chin and asked.

“The factions in the Central Plains region cannot be summarized by the phase ‘One Hall, One Tower, Two Sects, Three Valleys, Four Pavilions.’ The Central Plains region is incomparably vast. There are quite a number of hidden factions. For example, my Gu clan is not ranked among them, but would anyone who has some knowledge dare to say that the Gu clan cannot make it?” Xun Er helplessly shook her head and continued, “Some of the factions in the Central Plains regions that keep a low profile might quietly possess a strength that is not weaker than these ranked factions. After all, there will always be some old demons who do not show themselves behind them. Even the Ice River Valley does not only possess this strength that you can see on the surface…”

Xiao Yan rubbed his head, feeling a little speechless. This was indeed worthy of being the Central Plains region. It did live up to the phrase ‘hidden dragons and tigers.’

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, Xun Er will not be able to stay long during this trip. Otherwise, I would bring you a lot of trouble. You will have to rely on yourself for everything after I leave. Hence, you must not be reckless…” Xun Er gently rubbed Xiao Yan’s face and worried about him.

Upon hearing that Xun Er was about to leave, Xiao Yan involuntarily tightened the grip of the hand he used to hug her narrow waist. His eyes stared intently at this lovely face in front of him as he asked, “When can I head to the Gu Realm to look for you?”

Xun Er involuntarily lifted the corner of her lips into a sweet arc when she heard his question. She replied, “As long as you have confidence in yourself, you can come anytime you like. No matter what happens, all Xiao Yan ge-ge needs to know is that Xun Er will stand on your side.”

Xiao Yan slowly nodded upon hearing her words. He tightly hugged Xun Er and softly said, “Relax... I know just how many challenges and how much trouble I will face when I head to the Gu Realm. I will not be reckless because I want them to know that your eyesight is the best!”

Since the ancestor of the Xiao clan back then was able to get the entire Gu clan to respect him to such an extent, Xiao Yan believed that he would sooner or later be able to reach that level!

At that time, it was likely that no one within the Gu clan would be able to stop him even if he wanted to be together with Xun Er.

Xun Er smiled as she lowered her snow-white chin. She was unconcerned about how strong Xiao Yan was, but she was afraid that Xiao Yan would be discriminated against and receive the supercilious eyes of members of the Gu clan if he did not possess sufficient strength…

Xiao Yan lowered his head. He looked at the enchanting smile in close proximity. This bewitching smile would only bloom with such an allure in front of him…

Xiao Yan stared intently at Xun Er. A fiery heat had involuntarily surfaced in his eyes. His hand, holding Xun Er’s waist, involuntarily moved. After which, it broke through her clothes and touched her jade-like, warm, smooth…

Xun Er’s face immediately turned fiery hot as she sensed Xiao Yan’s hand creating a mischief. However, a fog seemed to be ripping through her autumn-water eyes at this moment.

There was a dryness in Xiao Yan’s mouth as his throat rolled a little. The nefarious flame in his lower abdomen earlier had suddenly surged, causing a lustful flame to materialize in his eyes…

Xun Er’s face became more and more crimson with embarrassment as she sensed the change in Xiao Yan. Due to the slowly moving hand of Xiao Yan on her waist, she let out a slight moan…

This slight moan was just like a demonic sound that caused Xiao Yan’s heart to suddenly beat even faster. He finally could not control himself as he embraced this lovely figure. As his hands moved up and down, he also kissed her alluring little mouth…

The two lips made contact. That gentle creamy feeling suddenly caused both of their bodies to become fiery hot at this moment!

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