Chapter 111: Joining a Team

Chapter 111: Joining a Team

The night quietly slipped by. When the sky began to brighten the next morning, the sleeping Xiao Yan opened his eyes punctually. During this period of living in the wild, he managed to accurately tune his internal clock.

After a night of deep sleep, the exhaustion that originated from deep within his body had completely vanished and was replaced by a great vigor.

From his bed, he sat up and crossed his legs, adopting the training pose before he once again closed his eyes. The early morning hours were the best time to train his Dou Qi. Moreover, Dou Qi training was like rowing a boat against the flow. If one did not advance, one would fall behind; only by persevering could one truly succeed.

Following the increasingly steady breathing of Xiao Yan, the calm air around him suddenly acted like a wave as it began to oscillate, emitting a continuous stream of Dou Qi.

After the previous day’s intense training, Xiao Yan’s skin was like a sponge. As long as any part of his skin came into contact with the...

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