Chapter 1109: Plans

Chapter 1109: Plans

The strange gray-colored Qi flow and the golden-colored flame quietly collided where both of their hands made contact. However, no loud sound appeared. The two of them quietly mingled. A slight sizzling sound and energy ripple erupted from the point of contact.

This sudden unexpected change caused the black-clothed, old man to be startled. He hurriedly stepped forward and wanted to intervene. However, he stopped after hesitating. His gaze carefully swept over the Little Fairy Doctor and surprise flashed across his eyes. Her appearance and demeanor did not lose to even Xun Er. Moreover, the thing that surprised him most was the Little Fairy Doctor’s strength. Such a young elite Dou Zun was indeed quite shocking. Just what was so good about this little fellow? He had so many outstanding ladies beside him.

“What are the two of you doing?”

Xiao Yan by the side similarly experienced a change in expression due to the sudden battle between the Little Fairy Doctor and Xun Er. He hurriedly extended his hand over. When he was about to forcefully pull the two ladies apart, the jade-like hands, that had been together, gently withdrew....

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