Chapter 1108: Seal

Chapter 1108: Seal

Qing Hai’s body was completely sealed by the white-haired, old man and his partner. The Dou Qi within his body had even ceased flowing at this moment. He struggled for a while, but he was unable to escape. Finally, his fierce eyes suddenly turned to Xiao Yan and coldly laughed, “If you dare to hurt the old me, it will be equivalent to you becoming enemies with the Hall of Souls! The old me doesn’t know just what kind of background you have, but offending the Hall of Souls is an extremely foolish action!”

“Ke ke, what arrogant words. Is the Hall of Souls that great?” The white-haired man by the side strangely laughed when he heard Qing Hai’s words.

Xiao Yan’s group stepped through the empty air and paused in front of Qing Hai. With a faint smile, Xiao Yan uttered, “Even if I don’t do anything to you, the Hall of Souls will still not let me off. Therefore, your threat is useless against me.” Xiao Yan’s eyes turned to the two elders on Qing Hai’s sides after speaking until this point. He cupped his hands together and respectfully said, “I have troubled the both of you.”

“Ke ke, it is merely young miss’s orders. There is no need to thank us.” The black-clothed...

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