Chapter 1105: Golden-Colored Flames

Chapter 1105: Golden-Colored Flames

Xiao Yan was surprised when he heard Xun Er’s words. However, he did not attempt to stubbornly maintain the so-called pride of a man. He gently nodded. Putting up a brave front could nicely be described as being hot-blooded, or it could also be described as being reckless. With Xiao Yan’s experience, he would naturally not act like some ordinary young person right now, straining his neck and overexerting himself to endure on. If he did that, he would be laughed at by others.

“Be careful.”

The smile on Xun Er’s face became even richer when she saw that Xiao Yan did not reject her. She did not want Xiao Yan to form a clear distinction between them.

Bing He, who saw their eyes gradually turn to him, looked at Xun Er and frowned. He slowly demanded, “Who are you? This is a matter of my Ice River Valley…”

Bing He was naturally not a fool since he had been able to become the Valley Chief of the Ice River Valley and reach his current level. Ever since Xun Er had appeared, he could tell that this lady a strong background. However, the members of the Gu clan usually kept a low profile. Some ordinary people had never even heard of this clan, that originated from the...

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