Chapter 1104: Reuniting With Xun Er!

Chapter 1104: Reuniting With Xun Er!

A soft, gentle voice lingered over the sky. The snowflakes across the sky suddenly paused when the voice spread. After which, they melted, forming visible ripples that spread out in all directions in a circular fashion…

Xiao Yan, whose eyes were blood-red, suddenly trembled when this gentle voice, that contained an ethereal-feeling, reached his ears. The blood color within his eyes swiftly scattered and the Annihilation Fire Lotus in his hand quietly disappeared.

Xiao Yan’s throat vaguely rolled as his eyes slid to the distorted space with an expression of disbelief. This voice… almost a soul-deep familiarity. Even if Xiao Yan had forgotten his own voice, this voice, that had already been deeply imprinted in his heart, would never be forgotten by him!

“Xun Er…”

Xiao Yan’s throat rolled. A moment later, a soft muttering tone slowly unfurled from his mouth. The voice contained a false dream-like feeling within it.

The expression of Bing He, which had originally been indifferent, changed because of this sudden unexpected change. His eyes stared...

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