Chapter 1103: Bing Zun-zhe

Chapter 1103: Bing Zun-zhe

The chilly air in the sky suddenly reached its peak when the white-robed figure in the distorted space slowly stood up. Snowflakes scattered down from the sky. Within a short moment, the entire Ye City was under a sea of snow. Looking from a distance, it appeared wrapped in silver, looking exceptionally enchanting and cold.

The forward charging bodies of Xiao Yan’s three person group stopped at this moment. Immediately, a sense of danger rose from their hearts. Their bodies moved and pulled back with lightning-like speed.

While the three of them were pulling back quickly, a cracking sound was suddenly emitted from within the distorted space. Immediately, a faint-black ice stairs was slowly extended out. The white-robed figure slowly descended using these black-ice stairs.

Countless numbers of gazes were immediately thrown over when this white-robed figure revealed himself.

The person who had suddenly appeared was wearing white robes. He had a tall figure, and his face appeared to be quite young. There was some indifference being emitted from between his brows. Even though this was the case, it was still extremely difficult to hide his handsome appearance. However, there seemed to be a feminine demeanor being emitted...

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