Chapter 110: Fairy Doctor

Chapter 110: Fairy Doctor

Blood Lotus Essence was an extremely rare high-grade medicinal ingredient. This kind of medicinal ingredient usually grew together with the Yellow Lotus Essence. Its rarity and similar appearance with the Yellow Lotus Essence made it difficult for someone who was unfamiliar with them to differentiate between the two. Had Yao Lao not exclaimed when Xiao Yan first saw this item, a novice like him would never have been able to discover that this ordinary looking thing was actually a rare medicinal ingredient that he had been searching for.

Blood Lotus Essence was also one of the key ingredients in making a ‘Blood Lotus Essence Pill’. When speaking of the ‘Blood Lotus Essence Pill’, it was also necessary to bring up the strange Qi Technique ‘Flame Mantra’ that Xiao Yan was practicing.

It should be known that the evolution of ‘Flame Mantra’ requires the consumption of a Heavenly Flame. Swallowing the Heavenly Flame, however, was not something safe. The Heavenly Flame was extremely violent and it also possessed terrifying destructive properties. Even the special...

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