Chapter 1097: Easy Crushing

Chapter 1097: Easy Crushing


The soul-stirring explosion sounded. A surging fire wave swept through the sky at this moment. The fire wave rolled and spread. The high temperature caused the city, which had turned icy-cold because of the cold air covering it, to swiftly become warm…

Countless numbers of eyes all over the city watched the fire wave spreading across the sky. Their eyes were filled with shock. Within less than five minutes, Xiao Yan had completed a perfect counterattack and turned the situation of him being continuously defeated around!

By relying on his two star Dou Zong strength, he had defeated Protector Wu, whose strength had reached that of an eight star Dou Zong. Such a situation was extremely unbelievable to everyone’s eyes. The gap between every star in the Dou Zong class was unusually wide. Attempting to fight an opponent across stars was not something an ordinary person could accomplish, yet the situation appearing in front of them caused the skin on the heads of quite a number of people to become numb. This fellow… was really far too abnormal.

Tian She’s group swiftly pulled some distance away in the face of the fire wave that was spreading over. His expression changed a little as he looked at the spreading fire wave. The frightening fighting strength...

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