Chapter 1095: Three Changes!

Chapter 1095: Three Changes!

Upon sensing the wild killing intent that surged out of Xiao Yan’s body, the eyes of the entire city carried some surprise as they looked at him. Tian She was also a little startled. Immediately, he thought about the change. It seemed that Xiao Yan should have some kind of grudge with the Hall of Souls since long ago…

“Tsk tsk, not a bad killing intent. It is much stronger than the you back then, who only knew how to borrow the strength of others and act mightily because of it…” That black fog also rippled slowly when glared at with Xiao Yan’s blood-red eyes. Protector Wi’s cold laughter was immediately emitted.

Xiao Yan’s blood-red eyes stared intently at Protector Wu. It was a long while later before he inhaled a deep breath of air. His hands trembled as he suppressed the explosive fury and killing intent within his heart. His voice had also become a little hoarse due to his fluctuating emotions.

“You deserve to die.”

“Whether the old me deserves to die is not up to you as a younger generation to evaluate with such arrogant words.” Protector Wu smiled coldly and said, “The old me is even able to capture Yao Chen, much less you, this useless disciple.”

Xiao Yan’s expression was deadly....

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