Chapter 1094: Imminent Big Battle

Chapter 1094: Imminent Big Battle

A countless number of people within Ye City were stunned as they looked at the white figures that covered the area outside the city. Majestic and shockingly cold auras continuously surged out of the bodies of these people. Finally, they influenced the environment of Ye City. The descending temperature within the city and the scattering snowflakes were surprisingly a result of the majestic, cold aura!

“These… these are all people from the Ice River Valley?”

“Why have they come to Ye City? Their lineup is this frightening?”

“Don’t tell me that they have come after the Ye clan?”

“Nonsense, the Ice River Valley’s status is far greater than the Ye clan or even all the five great clans. Why would they covet after the Ye clan.”

“In that case, do you think that they summoned such a large force just to come to Ye City to play?”


Due to the sudden arrival of the Ice River Valley’s large army, that had come from all directions, Ye City descended into a great uproar. They did not understand just what kind of person could get one of the three large valleys, the Ice River Valley, to head over with such a large force.

The cold air outside of the city was just like a natural barrier. It finally...

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