Chapter 1093: Obtain

Chapter 1093: Obtain

Core Bead. Normally, it was called the Core Fire Bead. It was a kind of energy bead formed from essence energy that was found deep underground after a countless number of years. This kind of bead contained an extremely vast, mighty energy within it. It was rumored that some tier 8 or even tier 9 medicinal pill would use this legendary Core Fire Bead.

This legendary Core Bead was usually hidden deep underground and was extremely difficult to find. However, when some volcanoes erupted, the Core Bead hidden deep within might be spat out. Normally speaking, most Core Beads in the hands of certain individuals were obtained by this method. It was extremely rare for someone to personally find this Core Bead deep underground like Xiao Yan just did.

Xiao Yan’s heart involuntarily beat a little faster when he saw this Core Bead. He similarly understood just how rare a Core Bead was. Moreover, the Core Bead was also a key ingredient in refining the Core Lightning Bead.

The Core Lightning Bead was not a medicinal pill. Instead, it was a refinement that utilized an extremely unorthodox formula. It referred a kind of strange refining method to refine the Core...

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