Chapter 1087: Sun Flame

Chapter 1087: Sun Flame


Fresh blood was spat out as Tian She’s body fell from the sky. His feet staggered over a dozen steps on the ground before he gradually steadied himself. A pale whiteness surged onto his shriveled face.

Bang! Bang!

All the elite Ice River Valley’s disciples also flew backwards, appearing to suffer from a heavy blow, while Tian She was forced back. After which, they collapsed onto the ground one after another. No one knew if they were dead or alive. Only the three white-clothed Elders present were able to barely stabilize their bodies. However, their faces were currently covered in shock. None of them had expected the great formation, formed from all of their strengths, would be unable to last for even one exchange in the hands of this person in front of them. An elite Dou Zun was indeed not someone they could defeat by just relying on numbers.

“This person’s control of spatial strength has reached an incredible level. He doesn’t appear like someone who has just advanced to the Dou Zun class!”

Some shock swiftly surged into Tian She’s eyes as he stabilized his body. His swiftly scanned over the Ice River Valley’s disciples who had been shaken until they were unconscious....

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