Chapter 1084: Refining A Body

Chapter 1084: Refining A Body

A hot air wave was flowing to and fro within the quiet small valley, causing the poison fog in the air to continuously pale..

There was a human figure sitting on an enormous rock in the valley. An enormous, crimson medicinal cauldron was suspended in the air in front of the figure. Jade-green flames burned fiercely within the cauldron. The hot air wave of the valley was spreading from this place…

A couple of human figures were standing a hundred meters away from this enormous rock. Their gazes were gathered on the medicinal cauldron.

“It has already been six days…”

Xin Lan looked at the focused human figure on the enormous rock, sighed softly, and commented.

“A tier 7 medicinal pill is not easy to refine. Naturally, one must spend some time…” The Little Fairy Doctor was not surprise. She softly said, “Moreover, the Pill Qi within the medicinal cauldron is becoming denser. It is likely that it will not be long until the pill is formed.”

Xin Lan nodded when she heard the Little Fairy Doctor’s explanation. She was just about to speak when the medicinal cauldron, a short distance away, suddenly shook. A clear buzzing sound rippled from it and...

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