Chapter 108: Octane Blast’s Hidden Force

Chapter 108: Octane Blast’s Hidden Force

A lonely crescent moon hung in the pitch black night as its faint, cool, light blanketed the vast land.

Within the pitch dark forest, a weak bonfire danced gracefully, bringing threads of warm light to the quiet and dark night.

Beside the bonfire, a young man was leaning against a tree trunk and absent-mindedly prodded the fire with the fire poker in his hand.

Including today, it has already been five days since Xiao Yan left Wu Tan City. Most of the initial freshness had faded along his lonely journey. A faint feeling of homesickness instead began to slowly climb into the young man’s heart.

After randomly placing another piece of firewood into the flame, causing it to once again burn brightly, Xiao Yan rested his chin on his palm and lazily said, “Teacher, where exactly are we going?”

“The Magic Beast Mountain Range,” An aged voice said from within the ring on his finger.

“I thought that we could also enter the Magic Beast Mountain Range from near Wu Tan City. Why do we have to travel so far?”

“We are on...

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