Chapter 1079: Dragon Scorpion Tribe

Chapter 1079: Dragon Scorpion Tribe

A solemness flashed across the Little Fairy Doctor’s pretty eyes as she looked at the figure in the sky, where poison fog permeated. This Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast possessed an extremely frightening strength. A fierce battle was likely unavoidable today if they wanted to hunt it.

A blood-red figure remained suspended in the sky. Enormous dragon wings slowly flapped behind it, carrying wave after wave of wild wind. However, other than the wings and the sharp scorpion tail behind, this Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast was no different from an ordinary human. Moreover, his face was extremely handsome. Additionally, there was an evil-feeling vaguely seeping from him.

The Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast slowly descended from the sky. Finally, it paused in the air above. His eyes swept over the Little Fairy Doctor before pausing on Xiao Yan beside her. He lifted his eyebrows and laughed, “I was wondering why you have the guts to deliver yourself to this place. You have actually got some helpers. However, just this brat’s two star Dou Zong’s strength makes him unworthy of attacking this king!”

“I have come to this place with the intention of obtaining...

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