Chapter 1075: Recuperate

Chapter 1075: Recuperate

Sticky fresh blood was scattered on the stone fragments beside the mountain stream. A dense bloody scent was emitted. Numerous ice-cold corpses had collapsed in a mess beside the stone fragments.

Everything in this place was quiet. Only a bloody scent that refused to disappear lingered, indicating that an intense battle had occurred here earlier.

The silence in this place continued for a long time. Only then was it broken by the many sounds of rushing wind that suddenly appeared in the sky. Their expressions changed suddenly when they discovered the corpses on the ground.

An elderly figure slowly landed on an enormous rock. From the looks of his appearance, he was that elder from the Ice River Valley who had been guarding the entrance to the Fallen God Stream.

The Ice River Valley elder stopped and looked on with shock at the ground full of bodies. With a twist of his body, he appeared behind a large stone and stared unbelieving at three corpses before him. A couple seconds later, he took in a deep breath.

“Elder Bing Xian…”

An Ice River Valley’s disciple with a similarly pale-white face landed beside the old man. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and softly said, “All the corpses...

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