Chapter 1071: Extermination by the Ice River Valley

Chapter 1071: Extermination by the Ice River Valley

Xiao Yan’s tightened heart gradually relaxed as he looked at the white-colored figure in the cave.

“It’s good that she’s alright…”

Xiao Yan muttered softly to himself within his heart. His eyes swiftly landed on the old man in the air above the mountain stream. The old man’s head was full of white hair. His clothes were white with some snow-flower-like lines over them. His entire being emitted a chillness from the inside out.

Xiao Yan’s eyes paused on that old man. His eyes narrowed, “Six star Dou Zong…”

Xiao Yan mused for a moment before turning his gaze away. At this moment, there were dozens of white-clothed figures standing around the mountain stream. Clearly, they were the disciples from the Ice River Valley. His gaze took one look around before they finally paused on a huge protruding rock on the edge of the mountain stream. There were two white-clothed old men standing with their hands behind them at that spot. One of them possessed a strength similar to the person in the air, who had reached the six star Dou Zong level. The one behind might be inferior to these two, but his strength had reached that of a two star Dou Zong.

“There are three elite Dou Zongs....

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