Chapter 1070: Falling God Stream

Chapter 1070: Falling God Stream

The Fallen God Stream was located in the northern part of the Pill Region. The terrain of this place was complicated with the land appearing as though it had been hacked at by a humongus axe, forming numerous crack lines in the process. Each crack was over tens of thousands of feet long. Moreover, these mountain streams were also unfathomably deep. There was a poison fog that permeated it. Countless numbers of lethal poisonous creatures were present. The environment was extremely terrible. It could be considered a dangerous place in the Pill Region.

Under normal circumstances, there was seldom anyone who would come to this Fallen God Stream with the exception of those with special requirements. However, due to the matter of the Woeful Poison Lady, this originally desolate Fallen God Stream had swiftly become lively.

The people in the Central Plains had quite a deep memory of the Woeful Poison Body. In the past, some people who had possessed the Woeful Poison Body had appeared. However, all of these people ended up causing a disaster in the Central Plains without exception…

Wherever the Poison Body passed, life would cease to exist, everything...

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