Chapter 107: Misty Cloud Faction

Chapter 107: Misty Cloud Faction

The Misty Cloud Faction was one of the top forces in the Jia Ma Empire. Its headquarters was built on top of a majestic mountain, located only slightly over five kilometers from the capital of the Jia Ma Empire. The mountain, because of the faction’s name, became known as the Misty Cloud Mountain.

Misty Cloud Mountain was a most precipitous place. Three of its sides were cliffs and there was only one road that led to the Mountain’s summit: a dangerous place which was easy to defend, but hard to lay siege to. Moreover, the faction’s disciples tightly patrolled the mountain, making the entire mountain a small fortress.

The Jia Ma Empire installed a garrison manned by 50,000 horsemen, located just one kilometer from the foot of the Misty Cloud Mountain in the name of defending the capital. However, everyone could see that this was a move by the leader of the empire to guard against this ferocious tiger that was close to the capital.

The mountain summit at the back of Misty Cloud Mountain was shouldered by cloud and fog, appearing much like paradise.

On a black rock jutting from the edge of the mountain cliff a white clad young lady meditated: she was training with her eyes closed, breathing in and out in a perfect cycle. In the time between each cycle, the thick energy in the surrounding air would release a pale green air-steam, which would spiral around the lady’s body before being continuously absorbed into the body, undergoing refinement, storage…

After the final tread of green air-flow was absorbed into the lady’s body, she slowly opened her eyes with an arc of green flashing across it. Her shoulder length black hair was lifted by the wind and floated in the air.

“Nalan senior, mister Nalan Su has arrived at the Misty Cloud Faction. He says he wishes to see you.” Seeing that the young lady had finally left her training mode, a female servant, who had been waiting for a long time, hurriedly, but respectfully asked.

“Father? Why is he here?”

Having heard the servant, the lady, as she gracefully rose, furrowed her brow and shook her head with suspicion. As she stood at the cliff’s edge, the wind brushed past, pressing her clothes against her exquisite and lovely form: presenting her in the form of a goddess.

After lazily sweeping her gaze towards the seemingly bottomless space below the cliff, the lady’s hand lightly brushed her moon white dress before she spun around and left the training ground that was specially reserved for her.

Nearby, in a spacious and bright large hall, a somewhat gloomy looking middle-aged man was sipping at his tea cup. His other hand was steadily knocking on the table’s surface in an irritated manner.

Nalan Su was extremely fidgety and on edge after his father, Nalan Jie, had almost used a pole to beat him up to the Misty Cloud Faction.

He did not expect that the year in which he led troops to garrison at the western side of the empire, his audacious daughter would dare to privately end the engagement that his father had arranged.

There was no one in the Nalan clan who did not know that Nalan Jie was extremely concerned about his reputation. Nalan Yanran’s actions would undoubtedly cause others to say that the Nalan family had no honor. All the more, because she refused to be united through marriage in Xiao Clan in Xiao Yan’s weakness.

This kind of gossip had caused Nalan Jie to fly into a daily rage at home. Was it not for the fact that he was paralysed, he would have dragged his dying body and climbed the Misty Cloud Mountain himself.

Truthfully, regarding the marriage between the Nalan Clan and the Xiao Clan, Nalan Su was also not that supportive either. After all, the Xiao Yan then was almost like the spokesperson for the label ‘Cripple’. Having him allow his daughter, with her great beauty and talent, to marry a useless person was something that he was unwilling to do.

However, the past is in the past. According to the latest news, that little boy from the Xiao Clan had not only gotten rid of the ‘Cripple’ label, but had also demonstrated a training speed that was even more frightening than when he was young.

The potential that Xiao Yan was currently displaying was something that could capture Nalan Su’s attention. However, Nalan Yanran’s independent action had resulted in an extremely icy relationship between the two clans and caused great embarrassment to Nalan Su.

If such a relationship was to be prolonged, it might result in him not only losing a son-in-law with incredible potential but might also result in the latter harboring hatred towards the Nalan Clan.

Just thinking about having a person with the potential to become a Dou Huang that looked at the Nalan Clan with enmity was something that both frightened and angered Nalan Su.

“This girl. Her rebelliousness is growing stronger and stronger…”

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. The tea cup in Nalan Su’s hand suddenly landed heavily on the table, splashing tea all over it. Beside him, the female servant who was waiting on him received a shock. She quickly but carefully replaced the cup.

“You should have informed Yan-er before coming to the Misty Cloud Faction.”

TL: Yan er - referring to herself

Just when Nalan Su was extremely angry, a clear female voice suddenly sounded from the large hall. A moon white figure came strolling out from under a curtain as she sweetly spoke with a smile.

“Hmph. Do you still see me as your father? I thought that after becoming a disciple of the Yun Yun, you had forgotten all about the Nalan Clan!” Seeing the growing charm of his daughter, Nalan Su’s anger was slightly abated as he coldly barked.

Eyeing the awful expression on Nalan Su’s face, Nalan Yanran helplessly nodded her head. She waved her hand at the female servant beside her father, ordering her to leave.

“Father, you have not seen me for over a year and yet you start lecturing me the moment we meet. The next time I return home, I will definitely tell Mother about this!” After waiting for the female servant to leave, Nalan Yanran immediately lifted her nose and sat beside Nalan Su as she hummed like a spoilt child.

“Return home? You still dare to return home?” Hearing her words, the corner of Nalan Su’s mouth cracked, “If you dare to return home, we will see whether your grandfather will break your leg or not.”

Pressing her lips together, Nalan Yanran, who was well aware of the situation, clearly understood the meaning of Nalan Su’s words.

“You should be aware of my motive for being here, no?” After fiercely drinking a mouthful of tea, Nalan Su said with a icy expression.

“It is regarding the breaking off of my engagement, right?” Nalan Yanran’s delicate hand played with her long hair as she faintly said.

Seeing Nalan Yanran’s calm manner, Nalan Su instantly became extremely furious. His palm slammed heavily on the table as he scolded, “The marriage was something that your grandfather had personally promised back then. Who told you to cancel it?”

“That is my marriage. I don’t want to follow your wishes and marry whoever you pick. I will make my own decision in all my business. Regardless of who made the promise, all I know is that if I follow the agreement, the one who will marry is me, not Grandfather!” Bringing up the matter had caused Nalan Yanran’s face to show displeasure. As an independent person, she hated it when she had to follow the directions of another in regards to the important matters in her life, even if this person was her elder.

“Don’t you think that I am ignorant. This is nothing more than you feeling that the useless person that Xiao Yan was then was not good enough for you. But his current potential is now no longer lower than yours. With your position in the Misty Cloud Clan, you should have received news on the elevation of his strength.” Nalan Su said angrily.

Nalan Yanran ceased her eyebrows. In her mind, she recalled the young man filled with stubborness back then. Pausing her red lips, she said indifferently, “I have indeed heard some news about him. I did not expect that he could actually get rid of the title ‘Cripple’. This has surprised me.”

“Surprised? One word ‘surprised’ and it’s alright? Your grandfather has spoken, ordering you to find time to go to Wu Tan City. It would be best if we apologized and smoothened out the stiff relationship.” Nalan Su creased his eyebrows and said.

“Apologize? No way!”

Hearing this, Nalan Yanran’s eyebrow abruptly shot up. Rejecting without the slightest hesitation, she coldly said, “Although that Xiao Yan is no longer useless, I, Nalan Yanran, will still not marry him! Don’t even mention of going to apologize. If you like, you can go by yourself. In any case, I will not got to Wu Tan City again.”

“You don’t have any room to say no. This mess was caused by you, so you must go and clear it up for me!” Seeing that Nalan Yanran actually rebuffed him, Nalan Su suddenly became terribly furious.

“I won’t go!”

With a cold face, Nalan Yanran lifted her snow white chin; her face was carrying a fragileness that she was born with. “Isn’t that Xiao Yan very capable? Since he dared to agree to a three year challenge back then, I, Nalan Yanran, will be waiting for him to challenge me here at the Misty Cloud Faction. If I lose to him, I will be his servant and he can do as he pleases. Hmph. Otherwise, there is no way I will apologize.”

“Bastard, if you lose at the end of the three year agreement and become a slave, won’t you bring shame to the Nalan Clan?” Nalan Su angrily scolded.

“Who said that I will lose to him? Even if Xiao Yan has regained his talent, do you think that I will lose to him? Not only does the Misty Cloud Faction possess numerous high level Qi Methods, they also have an even greater number of high level Dou Techniques. Additionally, I even have the Pill King Gu He Ye-ye helping me make medicine. All of these things are out of his reach as the young master of a small clan. Putting it bluntly, just finding a high level Dou Technique or Qi Method may take him many decades!” After being looked down upon by Na La Su, Nalan Yanran was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. What she hated the most was for others to say that she could not be compared to the cripple she had looked down upon.

TL: Ye-ye - Elder that’s male and close to the person calling ye-ye

Seeing his daughter making a din in front of him, Nalan Su was incensed with rage. He abruptly stood up and raised his hand, preparing to give Nalan Yanran a slap.

“Brother Nalan, please do not be reckless.” Eyeing Nalan Su’s action, a white figure hurriedly swept into the hall and stood defensively in front of Nalan Yanran.

“Ge Ye, you bastard. I was told that you were the one who accompanied her the last time she went to the Xiao Clan.” Seeing the person blocking him, Nalan Su grew even more furious as he scolded furiously.

With an embarrassed smile, Ge Ya bitterly said, “This was the faction leader’s decision. Even I can’t do anything about it.”

“What is Yun Yun up to? She actually let Yanran do these foolish things? If she were to lose to Xiao Yan after three years, won’t she have to become someone’s slave?” Hearing the two words ‘faction leader’, Nalan Su’s slightly calmed down. However, his voice was still laced with anger. After all, anyone who, in the blink of an eye, lost a son-in-law with great potential and made an enemy out of the same person would not feel good.

“Ke ke, Brother Nalan, you need not worry. This matter is already done so what is the point of arguing over it? And even if you get Yanran to apologize, it would still be difficult to repair the relationship between the two clans, so why do you want to go and get insulted? As for the three year promise, you need not worry about it. The faction leader has personally left the mountain to prepare the last ingredients of a medicine. Once Elder Gu He refines it, Xiao Yan will definitely not be able to catch up with Yanran in terms of training speed. As long as Yanran is merciful in the battle of the three year promise, his anger should rub off.” Ge Ya said with a smile.

“What kind of medicine has this kind of effect?” Nalan Su asked with a frown.

“Ka ka. This, I cannot say. The recipe was something that was accidentally discovered by Elder Gu He from deep within the mountains during his training last year. It should be something that was left behind by people from the past. As for the medicinal effect, you will know when the time comes…” Ge Ya secretly said.

Seeing that Ge La was not willing to say more, Nalan Su could only wave his hand helplessly. He glanced at the stubborn faced Nalan Yanran who was hiding behind Ge Ya and helplessly stomped his feet. He irritably said, “Forget it, I can’t be bothered by you. If you get defeated and become a servant, you better not tell anyone you are from the Nalan Clan. I can’t afford to lose that much face.” After completing his sentence, he furiously exited the hall.

Observing the figure which had vanished from his sight, Ge Ya finally sighed in relief. Turning around, he saw the similar helpless look on Nalan Yanran and once again let out another sigh as he said, “I really did not expect… That little boy from the Xiao Clan has really gotten up.”

“So what…” Nalan Ya Ran, who was sitting on a chair, said unconcerned.

“Yanran, you… Are you confident that you can beat him at the three year promised battle?” After a brief hesitation, Ge Ya asked.

“Uncle Ge Ye, why is it that even you think I cannot compare with that Cri… him.” Hearing his words, Nalan Ya Ran instantly became sour as she said.

Shaking his head and laughing bitterly. Ge Ya sighed, “I keep having a feeling that there’s something strange about that guy…”

Pursing her lips together, the hand that Nalan Yanran used to lift her tea cup clenched. Her eyes stared at the pale green tea as she told coldly spoke in her heart, “I don’t believe that you can really climb over my head. There’s still one and a half years left. Let’s see how high you can climb from a three star Dou Zhe.”

“I, Nalan Ya Ran, will be waiting for you at the Misty Cloud Faction! Come to the promised challenge if you have the strength.”

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