Chapter 107: Misty Cloud Faction

Chapter 107: Misty Cloud Faction

The Misty Cloud Faction was one of the top forces in the Jia Ma Empire. Its headquarters was built on top of a majestic mountain, located only slightly over five kilometers from the capital of the Jia Ma Empire. The mountain, because of the faction’s name, became known as the Misty Cloud Mountain.

Misty Cloud Mountain was a most precipitous place. Three of its sides were cliffs and there was only one road that led to the Mountain’s summit: a dangerous place which was easy to defend, but hard to lay siege to. Moreover, the faction’s disciples tightly patrolled the mountain, making the entire mountain a small fortress.

The Jia Ma Empire installed a garrison manned by 50,000 horsemen, located just one kilometer from the foot of the Misty Cloud Mountain in the name of defending the capital. However, everyone could see that this was a move by the leader of the empire to guard against this ferocious tiger that was close to the capital.

The mountain summit at the back of Misty Cloud Mountain was shouldered by cloud and fog, appearing much like paradise.

On a black rock jutting from the edge of the mountain cliff a white clad young lady meditated: she was training with her eyes closed, breathing in and out in a perfect cycle. In the time between each cycle, the thick energy in the surrounding air would release a pale green air-steam, which would spiral around the lady’s...

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