Chapter 1068: Ye Clan

Chapter 1068: Ye Clan

A ghost-like figure slowly appeared at the entrance of the large hall while a pair of indifferent gaze swept over everyone within. After which, those eyes paused on the blue-clothed lady. His expression slightly warmed while his voice continued to contain a gloominess, “Xin Lan, why has this happened?”

The blue-clothed lady was clearly Xin Lan, who had led Xiao Yan’s group to the Central Plains. She appeared to have understood Xiao Yan’s meaning when he said these words. Her pretty face dimmed as she softly uttered, “I’m sorry…”

Xiao Yan gradually became a lot calmer after seeing that downcast appearance of Xin Lan. She was not very strong. Moreover, it seemed that the Ye clan was currently not in a very good state. Even if Xin Lan could convince them to aid the Little Fairy Doctor, it was likely that they would not possess the ability to do so.

“Who are you? You actually dare to randomly barge into my Ye clan!”

Xin Lan’s voice had just sounded when the expression of an old man in the large hall sank. He stood up and angrily cried at Xiao Yan. There were some other elders within the Ye clan beside...

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