Chapter 1067: Ye City

Chapter 1067: Ye City

The exit was a spacious stone platform. The platform was completely built from snow-white rocks. The most shocking thing was that this stone platform was nearly a hundred meters tall. Ten enormous rock pillars supported it to such a height.

The rock pillars supporting the stone platform were just like pillars supporting the sky. They appeared towering and spectacular when looking from a distance.

The space above this stone stage was very much different from other places. It appeared exceptionally messy. The large space was greatly distorted with some dark-black cracks vaguely spreading out of it…

Silver light would shoot out of this distorted space. Quite a number of people would be thrown out of the space each time the silver light appeared. After which, they would land on the stone platform below. This place was a Wormhole transit point.

Another silver glow flashed in that distorted space. A skinny figure appeared from within. Immediately, his feet pressed onto the air as he slowly landed on the stone platform.

This human figure, who had been spat out of the distorted space, was naturally Xiao Yan, who had hurried over from Tianhuang City. After landing on the ground, he let out a sigh, and swept his gaze...

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