Chapter 1065: News about Little Fairy Doctor

Chapter 1065: News about Little Fairy Doctor

Xiao Yan did not pause for long after leaving the Burning Flame Valley. Instead, he rushed in the direction of Tianhuang City. While he was traveling, he savored the complete training method for the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change…

The Skyfire Three Mysterious Change was a peak level Secret Technique of the Burning Flame Valley. However, the uniqueness of this Secret Technique also made it difficult for one to judge its class. After all, in the hands of some people, this Secret Technique was completely useless. However, in the hands of some experts, who possessed many types of powerful flames, the might that it could unleash would definitely be comparable to other Di class high level Secret Technique.

Luckily, Xiao Yan belonged to the second category. Being in possession of the Green Lotus Core Flame, Falling Heart Flame, and even the Bone Chilling Flame, he was coincidentally able to unleash this Skyfire Three Mysterious Change to its peak. It was just as Tang Huo Er had said. This kind of Secret Technique seemed to have been tailor-made for Xiao Yan.

The simultaneous eruption of the...

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