Chapter 1063: Inheriting the Secret Technique

Chapter 1063: Inheriting the Secret Technique

Xiao Yan sighed in relief within his heart after hearing Tang Zhen’s words. A joy that was difficult to hide surfaced on his face. He cupped his hands to him and solemnly said, “Thank you Valley Chief Tang!”

Tang Zhen waved his hand and replied, “You have relied on your own ability. The old me has provided very little help this time around.” The ten exchange test this time around was something that Xiao Yan had relied on his own abilities to pass. Honestly, he had provided very little help.

“Valley Chief Tang is too courteous. If not for you, it is likely that this test would not have even existed.” Xiao Yan grinned. He had quite a good impression of Tang Zhen. This person possessed an unfathomable strength, but he did not carry the aloofness that an elite Dou Zun possessed. He could be considered much more approachable compared to Lei Zun-zhe from the Wind Lightning Pavilion.

Tang Zhen smiled, but did not argue with Xiao Yan on this topic. He turned his head and looked to the second Elder in front of the hall. With an indifferent voice, he asked, “Second Elder, Xiao Yan can...

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