Chapter 1062: Succeed

Chapter 1062: Succeed

The three-colored fire lotus rotated over Xiao Yan’s palm. Each time it rotated, the surrounding space would form numerous dark-black spatial lines that caused one’s heart to feel a chill.

The appearance of the fire lotus allowed everyone to clearly sense the natural energy suddenly become fierce and untamed. Moreover, the temperature was also swiftly rising…

This unusual phenomenon resulted in the expressions of everyone changing. Even Tang Zhen revealed a shocked expression in his eyes. That strange three-colored fire lotus seemed to hide a terrifying destructive power. Moreover, this kind of strength was something that he felt somewhat familiar with…

“This is… the Heavenly Flame’s strength?”

Tang Zhen’s eyes shrank as he thought within his heart!

Among those who experienced a change in their expressions because of the appearance of the fire lotus included the person involved in the battle, Wu Chen. Due to his close proximity, he was the one who had the deepest understanding of the destructive strength contained within the fire lotus. In the face of the exquisite, three-colored fire lotus, the third Elder of the Burning Flame Valley finally revealed...

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