Chapter 1060: Fighting Wu Chen

Chapter 1060: Fighting Wu Chen

The area outside the hall was a spacious empty tract of land with a great view. At a glance, one’s sight would extend until the edge of the empty land. There were some lush green woods located on the edge, forming a circular shape that wrapped around the large hall.

Xiao Yan stood outside the large hall. His expression was a calm, but the Dou Qi in his body had begun to slowly surge. The feeling of being filled with energy spread across every single corner of his body.

Numerous Elders from the Burning Flame valley had swarmed out of the exit of the large hall. The one leading them was naturally Tang Zhen, Tang Huo Er as well as the two Elders. Due to this large hall being a place that many Burning Flame Valley’s disciples frequented, quite a number of these disciples caught sight of the Elders when they had just appeared. From this lineup, all the disciples knew that something had happened even without being told. Hence, numerous private conversations spread in all directions like a wave of water. Within less than ten minutes, the surroundings of the large hall were densely packed with red figures.

Xiao Yan ignored the surroundings that had swiftly become lively. His gaze merely stared at a red-robed elder...

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