Chapter 106: Departure

Chapter 106: Departure

Xiao Yan walked out of the auction house to stand at the crowded crossroads of the street. He gazed upon the city he had known for more than ten years for a long while before letting out a lonely sigh. As he tightly clenched his fist, as if to boost his morale, he softly said to himself: “The outside world will definitely be more exciting...” Xiao Yan smiled as he threw off the last bit of depression in his heart and walking forward step by step, he disappeared into the crowd.

After preparing all the supplies, Xiao Yan decided to relax and quietly enjoyed a peaceful routine for the remaining two days. Understanding Xiao Yan’s mood, Yao Lao did not say anything to disturb him and allowed Xiao Yan to plan his days.

The perceptive Xun Er was able to sense something from the tranquilness of Xiao Yan during these two days, thus the little lass accompanied him whenever she had time; her lively eyes were filled with reluctance and yearning.

Faced with this tag along, Xiao Yan felt somewhat helpless. The only thing he could do was softly console Xun Er when they were alone together which improved her mood by a bit.

As Xiao Yan walked on a small path in the clan, he lazily stretched his back. Today was the day that he would leave, in fact he had just seen his father to inform him about his plans.

Although Xiao Zhan was extremely reluctant at the news of Xiao Yan leaving, he clearly knew that Xiao Yan could not be confined to the tiny Wu Tan City and given his talent, only in the endless skies of the outside world would he be able to soar to his heart’s content.

When an eagle chick grows up, it will soar in the skies!

“Yan-er, in the future, if you have a chance to, you can go to the Stone Desert City just outside of the Jia Ma Empire to look around. Your first and second elder brothers have already established themselves there. In these past few years, they founded a mercenary group called ‘Desert Steel’, which has become a considerable force in that area.”

As Xiao Yan thought back to what his father had told him in the study, a small smile appeared on his face. After going through the Coming of Age Ceremony, his two brothers left home to experience the world and at that time, father was not the clan leader. In the recent years, probably due to the fact that it was a long journey back or because they were busy with their mercenary group, they seldom returned to Wu Tan City. Yet Xiao Yan still remembered the brotherly ties they had when they were younger.

“Xiao Yan.” The gentle and soft voice of a woman caused Xiao Yan to stop mid step as he was making a turn on the path. Lifting his head to look at the beautiful lady by the roadside, he could not help but smile and ask, “Instructor Ruo Lin, shouldn’t you be at the enrollment tent?”

“I came back to take some things. Currently, Xun Er is taking over for me.” With a light smile, Instructor Ruo Lin slowly stepped forward as her gaze swept over Xiao Yan before softly inquiring: “Planning to leave?”

“Yeah.” Xiao Yan rubbed his nose as he nodded.

“Have you informed Yu\'er and Xun\'er?”

“It’s alright. Else they become emotional when we part, it is better to quietly leave.” Shrugging his shoulders, Xiao Yan smiled.

“It might be easy for you, but others might be saddened by this.” Instructor Ruo Lin gave a stare of rebuke to Xiao Yan before lapsing into silence for a moment. Soon after, she tenderly said: “I hope a year later, I will hear news of someone clashing with the Misty Cloud Faction.”

Slightly shocked, Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. After having stayed in the clan for a few days, there would be a few loud mouths who would talk about the situation between Nalan Yanran and himself, thus Xiao Yan did not inquire on how she knew.

“Actually, I am really interested to know, when she finds out how much strength you have now, what kind of expression she will have?” A mischievous smile suddenly appeared on Instructor Ruo Lin’s face.

Spreading out his hands, Xiao Yan continued to converse with Instructor Ruo Lin for a while before leaving. Under her attentive gaze, he slowly faded away at the end of the pathway as he walked away.

Xiao Yan followed along the small path and entered his room. From under the pillow, he retrieved three Storage Rings. Wearing one of the dark red rings on his finger, he carefully placed the other two in his bosom. Although the three rings were all of a low-grade, they were still priceless objects. While travelling outside, one should not blatantly show one's wealth; Xiao Yan clearly understood this principle.

The things that Xiao Yan brought with him were very simple, all of his stuff was stored in the rings. As he stood at the door, Xiao Yan gazed upon the now empty room and let out a dull laugh which was accompanied by the soft creaking sound of the closing door. From between the cracks of the door, the final ray of sunlight gradually disappeared…...

Xiao Yan’s departure did not disturb anyone. A youth clothed in common garb walked out the main entrance with empty hands before slowly disappearing at the end of the street under the respectful gazes of the clan guards. Perhaps these guards did not know that when he left this time, it would be a year before he would return home.

Xun Er’s mind was not at ease; on the young maiden’s brow, melancholy could be seen. Anyone could tell from her distracted eyes that her heart was not in it today.

“Junior Xun Er, have some water.”

A gentle male voice sounded out beside Xun Er. A handsome young man was currently smiling as he held a cup of fresh water in his hands.

Her train of thoughts derailed, Xun Er lifted her head to gaze upon the handsome young man beside her. This young man was the strongest among the current enrollment team, even Luo Bu was much weaker than him. Furthermore this person did not have the phony smiling expression of Luo Bu which could be easily seen through.When Xun Er chatted with the other female students, she found that many of the girls in the team had a favorable impression of this young man who was not only strong but also dashing and gentle.

However, although the young lad’s smile was gentle and inoffensive, it could not catch much of Xun Er’s attention. She glanced at him before dully shaking her head, “No need. Thank you.”

Xun Er’s cold attitude did not cause any change in the young man’s expression. He shrugged his shoulders as if he did not mind at all and kept the cup of water as he lightly smiled and said, “In today’s enrollment test, if it were not for junior Xun Er’s help, I’m afraid we would be swamped with work, sorry for the trouble.”

“Instructor Ruo Lin asked me to come and help out.” Xun Er shook her head and turned as she gazed at the young lad who looked like he had more to say before softly asking, “Senior, could I have some time by myself?”

“Hehe, sorry. I often talk too much. Sorry for disturbing you.” The young man’s smile turned slightly sluggish. Soon after, he smiled as he nodded before turning to walk towards the tent.

“Hei hei, Lin Nan what happened? Do you have feelings for her?” As he neared the tent, a happy and teasing voice was suddenly heard.

Pausing his step, the young man who had been named as Lin Nan shot a glance towards the smiling expression on Luo Bu. Relaxing, he leaned on a nearby tent pole and took a sip from the cup in his hands. His gaze slightly slanted as he gazed at the slender young girl under the rays of the sun. Passion danced within those eyes as he remarked, “It is very rare to see such a high class girl, there are no girls within the academy that can compare to her.”

“Yet she is not interested in you.” Luo Bu bantered and smiled.

“Interest needs to be nurtured, there is still time. What is the rush?” Lin Nan lightly smiled and said.

“She…… has a good relationship with the guy called Xiao Yan.” Luo Bu appeared to carelessly let that comment out but he shot a glance toward the young maiden in the distance at the same time.

The swaying cup of water went slightly sluggish as Lin Nan’s brows tightly wrinkled together, “Did that guy really survive twenty rounds with Instructor Ruo Lin?”

“It is indeed true. That day you were out testing with a few others so you did not get to see but the rest of us personally witnessed Instructor Ruo Lin use ‘Water Serpent’. But that guy still managed to resist it.” Luo Bu said in a deep tone. As he remembered the fight that day, a flash of shock could not help but arc across his face.

Lin Nan tightened his grip and drained all the water in the cup in one gulp. His lips curled as he said, “Even if it is true, I will not give up because of that. That guy’s talent for training is indeed very great , however if we compare how to fawn over women, he is far from my level. Hei, in addition he is going to leave Xun Er for a year; in this year, I have a lot of time to cause the feelings Xun Er has for him to falter……”

At this point, Lin Nan was a tad proud of himself; as an experienced player, he was confident he knew how to capture a young maiden's heart.

“Xun Er.” At this moment, outside the plaza, Instructor Ruo Lin suddenly ran in before finally stopping before the young maiden. Gasping a few breaths, she softly said, “He left.”

Xun Er’s tiny hands slightly trembled as she momentarily lapsed into silence before slightly inclining her head.

“Xun Er, don’t be sad. This separation is not forever.” Instructor Ruo Lin sighed and consoled as she looked at the now silent Xun Er.

“Okay.” Lightly nodding her head, Xun Er suddenly stood up and under the puzzled gaze of Instructor Ruo Lin, she walked towards the duo outside the tent, Lin Nan and Luo Bu.

The young maiden slowly walked over, finally stopping right in front of the duo. Not a trace of anger could be seen on her delicate face while her lively eyes stared at Lin Nan and she softly said, “Senior, would you accompany Xun Er for a spar?”

“Eh……” Lin Nan fell into a daze after hearing Xun Er’s request. It was long while later before he smiled and said, “Naturally I would not reject such a request from junior Xun Er. During the bout I will suppress my power to your level.”

Xun Er blinked her long eyelashes and without a word she went straight into the tent, a calm expression on her face.

“Hey, you should be careful, her strength is that of a six star Dou Zhe.” Luo Bu reminded as he watched the young lady enter the tent.

“I have already advanced to seven stars two months ago.” With a light laugh, Lin Nan gazed at the tent, a smile on his face as he said, “Looks like this is a good start, most girls are weak in the heart at this kind of time.”

The corners of Lin Nan’s mouth slightly lifted as he brushed his clothes before entering the tent under the envious gaze of Luo Bu.

Standing outside the tent, Luo Bu waited for a few minutes before the tent flap was opened and the young lady slowly threaded out with a look of apathy on her face.

“Eh……” Seeing that it was Xun Er who came out first, Luo Bu could not help but be shocked. Yet when he saw the look on the young lady’s face he did not dare to open his mouth to inquire.

The young lady stood outside the tent and lifted her refined face to gaze upon the setting sun. At this time the youth had probably left the city long ago right?

Xun Er’s dainty hands sifted through the black hair across her forehead. A moment later, she looked over and said softly to Luo Bu, “In the future, whoever speaks badly about Xiao Yan ge-ge will be killed by me……”

Caught by that pair of lively and moving eyes, Luo Bu could not bring himself to smile, rather all he could do was feel a chill emerge from within his heart.

Withdrawing her gaze, Xun Er slowly walked out of the plaza.

Instructor Ruo Lin and Luo Bu waited for Xun Er to leave before rushing to open the tent, only to both be shocked.

Within the tent, Lin Nan lay withered on the floor, his originally handsome face was beaten black and blue. On the floor next to his body, ten bloodied teeth were scattered about, an extremely brutal sight…...

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