Chapter 1058: Hindered

Chapter 1058: Hindered


A tightly shut door was gently pushed opened and Xiao Yan slowly walked out. After which, he raised his eyes and looked around.

There was a garden outside of the room that was filled with many beautiful flowers. A gentle breeze blew over as a faint flower fragrance drifted over the entire garden. It gave one’s heart a tranquil feeling.

“Have you woken up?”

A clear lovely voice suddenly sounded while Xiao Yan’s eyes were sweeping around. He looked over, only to see a red-clothed lady sitting within the garden. She had a long upper body. Looking at her from the side, her body appeared to reveal an alluring figure that extended from her neck to her hip.

Xiao Yan had seen this lady before and knew she possessed a high status within the Burning Flame Valley. Immediately, he smiled and nodded to her.

The red-clothed lady stood up. Her tall figure was beautifully accentuated before she swiftly walked to Xiao Yan. After which, she revealed a bright smile. “My name is Tang Huo Er. Thank you very much for your help this time around.”

As the both of them were standing close to each other, Xiao Yan was able to sniff the faint, serene fragrance that was being emitted from the body of the lady in front...

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