Chapter 1056: Successful Pill Refinement

Chapter 1056: Successful Pill Refinement

Silver lightning rammed down from the sky covered in dark clouds. They rapidly materialized from all over the sky. The entire sky slightly shook at this moment. The dim valley appeared like it was daytime because of the continuously flashing silver lightning. A loud rumbling sound resounded unceasingly over the entire valley.

A bright-silver-colored figure floated in the sky amid the pouring of the silver lightning from all over. It attracted the surrounding silver lightning to itself!

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Each silver bolt of lightning that fell from the sky would forcefully cause the silver-colored figure to descend because of the enormous strength present within each bolt. The muffled sound that was emitted when the two made contact caused some people’s heads to turn numb. If it was an ordinary person forcefully receiving the blows head-on, they would have turned into a piece of charcoal.

Xiao Yan’s eyes intently stared at the Earth Demon Puppet suspended in the sky permeated by lightningbolts. Due to the connection between the two of them, he was able to vaguely...

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