Chapter 1054: Turning the Tide

Chapter 1054: Turning the Tide

The entire square was quiet. Everyone’s eyes carried incomparable regret as they looked at Grandmaster Huan, who had fainted on the ground. After having endured for ten days, no one expected that it would end up in a failure at the last moment…

Two red-green glows were interacting with each other within the medicinal cauldron. Rich medicinal fragrances spread over the entire square. However, it no longer caused people to feel relaxed as it had earlier. Instead, everyone felt their hearts become extremely heavy.

Tang Zhen’s eyes were dull as he looked at the medicinal cauldron. His defeated expression was unbearable to look at. A giant-like person was revealing such an emotion. It was really heartbreaking.

At the edge of the square, Tang Huo Er’s pretty face had also turned white. A moment later, she let out a grieving smile. Her lovely body staggered a little. The few disciples from the Burning Flame Valley behind her hurriedly stepped forward to support her.

The entire square was completely silent. That solemn atmosphere caused everyone to feel extremely pressured. No one dared to open their mouths to speak at this moment…

The silent and pressurizing atmosphere continued for awhile before...

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