Chapter 1053: Unexpected Turn of Events

Chapter 1053: Unexpected Turn of Events

Xiao Yan’s mind was focused on the eight tiny lights suspended within the jade-green glow. Some liquid or powder-like substances were vaguely revealed within the light clusters. After Xiao Yan’s nine days of merging all the pure medicinal strengths, these eight clusters of pure medicinal liquid contained the medicinal might of nearly twenty medicinal ingredients gathered together.


Xiao Yan let out a deep breath. He exchanged glances with Grandmaster Huan on the opposite side. The both of them immediately shut their eyes as majestic Spiritual Strengths surged out and entered the medicinal cauldron.

The solemn expression on Tang Zhen’s face became more apparent as he sensed the actions of these two. The success or failure of this pill refinement would depend on Xiao Yan’s and Grandmaster Huan’s subsequent performance…

Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength charged into the jade-green light circle in a turbulent manner. A thought passed through his mind, and two drops of colorful liquid immediately descended before beginning to slowly merge…

A ripple was formed on the surface following the contact of these two droplets of medicinal liquid. This was a kind of...

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