Chapter 1052: Fuse

Chapter 1052: Fuse

The refinement of a tier 7 medicinal pill was an extremely troublesome matter. This Fire Bodhisattva Pill, being a high grade tier 7 high pill, was even more troublesome to refine.

Silver-colored flames furiously burned within the medicinal cauldron on the stone stage. A low dragon roar was repeatedly being emitted from within it. The high temperature had caused the surroundings of the stone stage to become slightly distorted. Many medicinal ingredients lingered in the air above the stone stage. Occasionally, they would be thrown into the medicinal cauldron with a wave of Tang Zhen’s hand. After which, they would be swallowed by the nine fire dragons within.

However, it must be said that it was extremely convenient to use the Nine Dragon Lightning Flame to refine medicinal ingredients. The nine fire dragons were just like nine small versions of medicinal cauldrons. They could perfectly refine these medicinal ingredients. Of course, Xiao Yan clearly understood that these nine fire dragons were ultimately still under Tang Zhen’s control, but his control over the flame’s temperature had reached a peak. His...

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