Chapter 1051: Fire Bodhisattva Pill

Chapter 1051: Fire Bodhisattva Pill

Lush greenery covered the enormous valley. Occasionally, a fire-red maple tree could be found mixed in, making it extremely soothing to the eye.

There was a spacious square that was built from crimson-colored mountain rocks in the middle of the valley. The middle of the square had a stone stage that was over a hundred feet tall. There were quite a number of human figures currently around this square. Most of the people were wearing red clothes. Clearly, they were the disciples of the Burning Flame Valley.

There was a somewhat tall platform located on the other side of the square. Its height might not be comparable to the towering stage in the square, but it was coincidentally able to overlook the entire place. The view from that spot was extremely good. At this moment, quite a number of people were standing on this platform with their hands behind their backs. If one were to carefully examine them, they would see that they were those so-called alchemist grandmasters from the large hall earlier.

The rushing sound of wind materialized amid the private conversations that were going on in the square. Immediately, four figures rushed over from the distance and gently landed on the stone stage. Their figures were revealed to be the Valley Chief of the...

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