Chapter 1050: Strive

Chapter 1050: Strive

“Skyfire Three Mysterious Change?”

Tang Zhen and the red-clothed lady by the side were startled when they heard Xiao Yan’s words. They immediately frowned. The Skyfire Three Mysterious Change was one of the key treasures of the Burning Flame Valley. Although this kind of Secret Technique was useless to some people, it was an incredibly sharp weapon for those who possessed a Heavenly Flame in their bodies!

The Skyfire Three Mysterious Change was able to use a kind of special method to circulate the flame hidden within one’s body, allowing one to unleash an extremely powerful strength for a short period of time. Every change could unleash a kind of flame. When the three changes were superimposed on each other, its might would be quite terrifying. Of course, the energy that was unleashed from this kind of flame was quite violent. If one were to forcefully unleash it when one’s body was not strong enough, it would lead to an energy backlash…

Hence, even the interior of the Burning Flame Valley had preserved this Skyfire Three Mysterious Change in an extremely stringent manner. Only the core disciples were able to obtain the first change of the Skyfire Three...

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