Chapter 105: Before Leaving

Chapter 105: Before Leaving

Upon hearing the news that the instructor responsible for Jia Nan Academy’s student recruitment had arrived, Xiao Zhan and the three elders, who were having a discussion in the Meeting Room, were all stunned. A moment later, they stood up with their faces full of happiness. After exchanging a glance with each other, they immediately hurried out of the hall towards the clan’s front door and invited the group of pretty girls into the clan.

Under Xiao Yan’s introduction, the two parties began to get to know one another. Once Xiao Zhan found out that Instructor Ruo Lin and group had the intention of staying over, he agreed without any hesitation and immediately ordered people to prepare the empty rooms in the backyard. His decisive move left a favorable impression on Instructor Ruo Lin and her students.

With the addition of a group of beautiful and gifted students from Jia Nan Academy, the atmosphere of the clan became much more lively. Many young male clan members congregated around, their eyes continuously sweeping over the group of beautiful girls. At the same time, they threw envious glances at Xiao Yan who was surrounded by the girls who were unceasingly questioning him.

Nightfall slowly descended upon them and as the host, the Xiao Clan provided the best lodging. After dinner, Xiao Yan found an excuse to quietly return to his room after seeing that both parties were having quite a few friendly conversations. He laid his tired body on the soft bed. The battle with Instructor Ruo Lin today, in spite of Yao Lao’s help towards the end, had exhausted him…

The morning sunlight came shining through the window, lighting up the entire room. On his bed, the young man, with a pair of hazy eyes, sat up. After staring blankly for a moment, Xiao Yan finally got down from his bed as he yawned and washed his face in a simple manner.

“Yao Lao. When are we leaving?” After drying his face, Xiao Yan randomly asked.

“Let’s go out to prepare some things later. Freshwater, food, a tent, insect repellant, low-grade medicinal ingredients, healing medicine and medicine to recover one’s energy are all essential things needed for your training. After all, we may be spending a long period of time living deep in the mountains.” The transparent Yao Lao appeared next to the table and lightly said.

“Ha ha, I look forward to it.” Xiao Yan smiled as he quickly pulled clothes over his body.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s eager manner, Yao Lao raised his eyebrows and said softly, “Since you were born, you have not experienced any life and death battles. A person’s potential can only burst out when his life is threatened. With the kind of tepid training that you do, you will never be able to become someone truly strong. You do not lack talent, what you lack is the experience of real battles.” Carelessly playing with the tea cup in his hand, Yao Lao glanced at Xiao Yan, whose speed of putting on his clothes had slowed and casually said, “Only after experiencing bloodshed will you truly undergo a change.”

Xiao Yan slowly tightened his fist as he raised his face and smiled at Yao Lao. “I believe I will be able to overcome it.”

“It’s good to have confidence.” Yao Lao, who was extremely satisfied with Xiao Yan’s confidence, smiled and nodded his head.

“Ha ha. But, teacher...The Di class Dou Technique that you mentioned the last time… when are you going to teach me?” Xiao Yan laughed as he stepped forward and asked. He had been looking forward to the Di class Dou Technique for a long time.

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Glancing at the smiling Xiao Yan, a teasing expression appeared on Yao Lao’s face, “Relax. Since I have said that I will teach you, I will not go back on my words. Wait until we leave Wu Tan City, hehe… be prepared to slowly learn from me.”

Watching Yao Lao’s manner, Xiao Yan’s heart suddenly felt uneasy. He let out two bursts of dry laughter but did not continue the meaningless conversation. After putting everything into his breast pocket, he opened the door and left.

At that time, Instructor Ruo Lin and the others had once more rushed to the plaza from yesterday and began recruitment. The clan’s home had once again become much emptier.

After taking a few small turns, Xiao Yan swaggered out of the front door of his clan’s home. Watching the scene outside, he suddenly became stunned.

The wide road outside the front entrance was already packed with carriages. On these gorgeously adorned carriages, there were many crests. From these crest, Xiao Yan could recognise that most of belonged to fairly strong forces in Wu Tan City.

“Tsk tsk. They have heard of the news pretty quickly…” Xiao Yan shook his head and sighed in surprised. Once again, Xiao Yan appreciated the enormous influence of the Jia Nan Academy student recruitment party in Wu Tan City.

After letting his gaze drift randomly, Xiao Yan finally retrieved it. He ignored these people as he widened his footsteps and walked straight ahead.

Walking along the road that had become lively because of Jia Nan Academy’s student recruitment, Xiao Yan slowly strolled towards the auction house in the middle of the city. As he was about to approach his destination, he patiently pulled the large black cloak over him just as he did many times before. Only then did he reassuringly walk into the auction house, which was even more crowded than usual.

Ya Fei elegantly sat on a chair with her right leg crossed over her left, revealing an attractive whiteness below her long dress.

At that moment, Ya Fei was holding a long scroll of paper in her hand. It took her a long while before she finally finished going through the list of ingredients. A surprised expression appeared on her enchanting face. Raising her head, she eyed the black cloaked man beside her and asked in a surprised voice, “Xiao Yan di-di, why did you list so many things that are needed to survive outdoors? Don’t tell me you are planning to go on a journey?”

“Hum. I will be leaving Wu Tan City in the next few days. Perhaps… it may be a year or two before I return.” Xiao Yan said as he lightly sipped his tea.

“One or two years?”

Ya Fei was stunned after hearing those words as she asked, “Why do you need so long? What do you intend to do?”

“Haha I’m already an adult so I wish to go out and gain some experience. I do not wish to be bottled up in this small Wu Tan City…” Xiao Yan smiled faintly.

“Ah, with your talent, staying in Wu Tan City may hinder your ability to become really strong.” Ya Fei said softly as she inclined her head.

“That mysterious Alchemist will also be leaving with you, won’t he?” Ya Fei asked after a brief silence.

“Yes, he’s my teacher.”

“No wonder...” Ya Fei suddenly nodded her head and stared deeply at Xiao Yan. She speculated, “Then… you can also be considered an Alchemist, right?”

“The healing medicine of the Xiao Clan was refined by me.” Xiao Yan replied with a smile and didn’t hold anything back.

“Hehe. Uncle Gu Ni managed to find some clues from the level of refinement of the ‘Blood Clotting Powder’. The only reason why he hasn’t guessed that it was you is because he does not know the relationship between you and the alchemist.” Ya Fei simply nodded calmly at Xiao Yan’s words, without displaying much surprise. It was obvious that she had already guessed some of the truth.

“Please help me prepare all the items and deduct the costs from my card. Don’t reject me. I do not want to owe any favors before I leave.” Xiao Yan took out a pale golden card from his breast pocket and handed it to Ya Fei. The card contained over four hundred thousand gold coins which was his share of the profits from the Xiao Clan’s sale of healing medicine.


Feeling somewhat helpless, Ya Fei nodded and received the card. She waved for a female servant and handed both the card and the paper scroll over, ordering the servant to quickly see to it.

“After I leave, I hope that the Primer Auction House would take care of the Xiao Clan. In the future, if Ya Fei Jie has anything that she needs help with, I will definitely not put it off.” Xiao Yan said smiled as he raised his head and looked at the glamorous woman in front of him who could be called a stunner.

“Hehe, since you have already addressed me as Ya Fei jie, how could I reject you? Anyway, I would do anything to try to get into the good graces of an alchemist with limitless potential, even if it costs me my life.” Xiao Yan’s manner of addressing her, which was filled with significantly more sincerity, caused Ya Fei’s beautiful long narrow eyes to curl into an attractive angle. Her hand held her fragrant cheeks as she stared at the corner of the young man’s face unhidden by the black cloak while she blinked her eyes in a wavering manner. A faint enchanting allure surfaced on her bewitchingly mature face.

A numbing sound that was filled with temptation caused Xiao Yan’s heart to tremor. Immediately, he shook his head. This woman was a natural stunner that was designed to seduce men. Had this been a private place void of people and had he been another man with weaker control, he would have been overwhelmed by lust and forcefully have her on the ground.

“Ke ke, I will stop teasing you.” The slightly hurried breath under the black cloak caused Ya Fei’s moist red lips to curl into a triumphant smile. She loved causing this overtly calm young man to reveal a shyness that someone of his age ought to have in front of her.

“Xiao Yan di-di, I look forward to seeing what kind strength you will achieved when you once again return to Wu Tan City.” Ya Fei said softly as her charming smile faded from her face.

“I am also looking forward to it.”

With a smile, Xiao Yan raised his head and eyed the female servant hurrying towards him from beyond the curtain. He gradually sat up, waved his hand and said, “I’m leaving. This is likely the last time that I will be here before I leave.”

Gracefully standing up, Ya Fei prettily stood in front of Xiao Yan as she watched this young man whom she had gotten along with for the last one to two years. Although most of their relationship was calculated by business, Ya Fei had another kind of love for this slightly younger indifferent looking young man. This love was not that of a man and a woman. Instead, it was somewhat like the feeling between a brother and sister.

Reaching out her hand, Ya Fei patted Xiao Yan’s shoulders. A slight sadness appeared in her vivid eyes. “Take care.”

Raising his eyes, Xiao Yan fixed his eyes on this famous beauty that few in Wu Tan City did not know of. He suddenly smiled, stepped forward and reached out his hand and lightly grabbed Ya Fei’s snake like curvy waist that was filled with temptation.

As Xiao Yan’s hand hugged this perfect waist that an uncountable number of men in Wu Tan City had drooled over, he could feel that her body had stiffened. Only a long while later did it start to return to its original softness.

Ya Fei froze on the spot. Being bid farewell by Xiao Yan in such a special manner had caused her face to turn slightly red. However, she was lucky that Xiao Yan did not make the next move, otherwise, she would have really thought that the lust of this little boy had swelled.

“Take care, Ya Fei jie. I know that your identity is not merely that of a chief auctioneer but I would like to seriously tell you something.” Placing his chin on Ya Fei shoulders, Xiao Yan deeply sniffed her faint body scent. The corner of his mouth rose teasingly, “In the future, you should never allow another man to hug you in this manner. Because other than me, other men would be thinking of how to take you to bed when they hug you.”

Hearing this, Ya Fei was startled. Immediately, an attractive blush covered her face as she scolded, “Little boy, how dare you mock me? I think that you are the one who thinks like this!”

“Ha ha,” Heartily letting out two laughs, Xiao Yan ceased clinging on the softness in his hands and withdrew his hands without the slightest reluctance. After waving at Ya Fei, he turned and headed out.

“Goodbye, Ya Fei jie. See you in a year’s time.”

Softly laughing, Xiao Yan walked to the door where the female servant, who was totally shocked at witnessing Xiao Yan’s intimate acts with Ya Fei, stood. Smiling, he picked up his golden card and two small storage rings from the silver plate. After saying his thanks, he walked out of the auction house without a backward glance.

Only after seeing Xiao Yan’s back gradually disappearing around a corner did the redness on Ya Fei’s face gradually disappear. She stroked the spot on her waist which Xiao Yan had held, feeling a faint lingering warmness, an unusual feeling that caused the strength in Ya Fei’s legs to falter.

“A boy that’s allots his desires. But, I really anticipate the day of your return. I really don’t want to lose such a good business partner. Also...I am really curious to see just how high you will have gotten when you return.”

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