Chapter 105: Before Leaving

Chapter 105: Before Leaving

Upon hearing the news that the instructor responsible for Jia Nan Academy’s student recruitment had arrived, Xiao Zhan and the three elders, who were having a discussion in the Meeting Room, were all stunned. A moment later, they stood up with their faces full of happiness. After exchanging a glance with each other, they immediately hurried out of the hall towards the clan’s front door and invited the group of pretty girls into the clan.

Under Xiao Yan’s introduction, the two parties began to get to know one another. Once Xiao Zhan found out that Instructor Ruo Lin and group had the intention of staying over, he agreed without any hesitation and immediately ordered people to prepare the empty rooms in the backyard. His decisive move left a favorable impression on Instructor Ruo Lin and her students.

With the addition of a group of beautiful and gifted students from Jia Nan Academy, the atmosphere of the clan became much more lively. Many young male clan members congregated around, their eyes continuously sweeping over the group of beautiful girls. At the same time, they threw envious glances at Xiao Yan who was surrounded by the girls who were unceasingly questioning him.

Nightfall slowly descended upon them and as the host, the Xiao Clan provided...

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