Chapter 1049: Reward

Chapter 1049: Reward

Tang Zhen was startled when he saw all the gazes in the hall gathering on Xiao Yan’s body. He hesitated for a moment before opening his mouth to ask, “This young friend Yan Xiao, would you like to give it a try?”

Tang Zhen was naturally aware that quite a number of people present were adopting the mentality of wanting to watch a good show. However, from the way he saw it, since Xiao Yan dared to come to this Burning Flame Valley, he should also possess some ability. After all, he was quite assure of Elder Chi Huo’s abilities.

The red-clothed lady beside Tang Zhen crossed her hands over her chest. Her pretty eyes were looking at Xiao Yan with interest. She also wanted to know whether this young man, who was praised by Tang Zhen earlier, had some ability or if he was merely a country bumpkin.

“Since I have come to the Burning Flame Valley, I will naturally have to give this test a try.”

Xiao Yan slightly smiled in front of many eyes and slowly nodded.

Some alchemist grandmasters in the hall involuntarily revealed ridicule on their faces when they heard this. Even they were unable to endure for long against the Nine Dragon Lightning Flame, much less such a young fell...

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