Chapter 1048: Heavenly Flame Test

Chapter 1048: Heavenly Flame Test

The Nine Dragon Lightning Flame was ranked twelfth on the Heavenly Flame ranking. There was no one present who was unaware of the strength of this flame. Moreover, with Tang Zhen’s unfathomable strength, an ordinary person’s Spiritual Strength would likely be incinerated into nothingness upon contact with it. Although the Spiritual Strength of those here was not weak, they were unable to endure such a test.

Tang Ying’s words had caused the large hall to become a lot quieter after they were spoken. The alchemists who were filled with haughtiness earlier all recoiled their necks. None of them dared to say anything.

The two External Elders from the Pill Tower mused for a moment before slowly uttering, “Valley Chief Tang, all of us are aware of how powerful the Nine Dragon Lightning Flame is. There is a dragon’s might gathered in the Heavenly Flame. Hence, it possesses the miraculous effect of shocking one’s soul. It is likely that there is hardly anyone present who is able to use one’s Spiritual Strength to endure it.”

Tang Zhen smiled when he heard this. He said, “Grandmaster Huan, please rest assured...

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